Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Common Video....Finally a great new Hip Hop video

This has a nice look, fits the content of the song and has some good stars in it. Great Type use also.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sprite....my power of grayskull.

these commecials right here are the shit some really old ones to newer ones that came out later.

And since i Can't embed the Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth one I post a link

and the other hot one with Grand Puba got taken off. DAMN THEM!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DC Universe: Ummm...... the timeline makes sense to me.

I don't talk about comics much on here, or much of anything but lately when I'm online I keep seeing people confused with the current state of the DC timeline. For me it's pretty simple, I don't need things to be exactly linear for me to follow them. So let's try and make some sense out of it here for people that are confused.

So here is the culprits of confusion..

Amazons Attack

Sinestro Corp War

Black Canary/Green Arrow Wedding Special

So far the most confusion right now is Kyle Rayner.

See If you are reading the Green Lantern Titles, Kyle Rayner is this

But in Countdown for the past 2 weeks he's this

I think most of the confusion can be blamed on thinking that these things are happening at the same time. They are not, publishing time does not equal Continuity time. If you look at at everything with a closer eye, one being that Hal is around alot in other books with no stress at all like in the Wedding Specials for that matter. We also see John (Stewert) in those specials. So one must be, is that the Sinestro War happens before all the current events we are seeing now, and I'd say before amazons attack and possibly before the events in the lightning saga or at least right after. We need more Green Lantern issues out to really place the timeline. Seeing Kyle in Countdown and the tie-in issues means this has happened, He's better we don't know how but we do know it happens.

One way I explain things that are happening to people who don't get it or not reading DC is to use the story telling style of the Marvel Secret Wars.

See I use this reference because of how it was released. At the time in the Marvel Titles you saw the characters go into these domes and in the next issue come out from the domes and everything was different (i.e. in the Fantastic Four now had She-Hulk as a member and The Thing was gone, Spider-man had a Black Costume, etc.). To understand all of the changes you had to read Secret Wars. Secret Wars was a 12 issue maxi-series that had the characters of the Marvel Universe taken and put on the planet called Battle World by a mysterious being called the Beyonder. This is a good comparison in my eyes because of the current state of how comic stories are told. Every Comic these days are told in 6 issue arcs, so in a way every comic is a series of mini series. They can't ever really match up unless everything is written by the same writer. Now back in the day most comic stories were one issue tales with threads flowing through the book over time. It was a lot easier to fit things in and handle crossovers.

More Posts later on the topic.