Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wolvierine and thunderbird

wolvierine and thunderbird, originally uploaded by julian_lytle.

This is my start of my remixes of X-Men characters. I had friends say I should do them after seeing my Hawk and Dove remixes. At First I chose only 7 X-Men but as you see I just keep doing them. These are all quick sketches, nothing really serious, just 15-20 minute drawing in my sketch book. This one here is of Wolverine and Thunderbird. In my world the X-Men doesn't really wear costumes, they wear fly gear, they are kinda like Super-powered modern Hipsters. But with Wolvie being older he wouldn't really be into that. He's like the bad ass old dude in the school. The teacher that does all the other Jobs, like Gym and health class. Now Thunderbird. He died so quickly that he's an open book. That is why I would use him. To me he would hang with Wolverine and Banshee, being that they would all be older than Cyke, Storm and the other X-Men and not want to be around the New Mutant after classes are over for the day. As you see I kept his symbol and put it on his t-shirt. Thunderbird to me should be a complete badass.

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